New glasses, new piercing, new hair cut, new me.

Love it hunty!!!

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I don’t feel like I have enough dreads styles on this blog. I love hers!

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It’s been a year since I cut off my heat damage!! 😁🎉🎊😆
First pic: I was 16, no curl action at all lol
2nd pic: 18. Wave action.
3rd pic: 19. January 2013. Curl action with straight ends
4th pic: 19, March 2013. I cut the straight ends off myself. I don’t recommend that lmao 😂
5th: 19, July 2013. When I got my layers fixed lol
6th: 20, the length it is now. ☺️

I’ve never, ever gotten any perms, texturizers, relaxers, weave, none of that ever in my life. My hair was always natural. The straight ends were there bc I used to flat iron my hair 24/7. I was soooo scared of cutting my hair back then, but now I dont know why I didn’t cut it sooner. I love my hair now that I know how to take care of it. My next goal is for my hair to be bra strap length when it’s curly (not straight), but I’m happy with how it is now. ☺️

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